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Art by Matt MacalusoMatt Macaluso is a mix-media artists working out of Brockton, MA. His art can be intriguing and trippy yet at the same time mathematical. Furthermore, in the perfect twist of things, Matt got his start in graphic art as a musician. It was in high-school when Matt started designing t-shrits and album art for the band he was in, and realized that he had a genuine interest in art itself.


“My favorite cartoon is south park. My favorite place in the entire world is Russell Pond, NH. I enjoy a fresh/strong/good margarita and I have never seen clear blue warm ocean water.”


Art by Matt Macaluso - Featured Artist at Green Side Up Gallery Boston

At first glance Matt's work is an intense collage of colors and line-art. But as he explains, most of Matt's current pieces are mapping exercises of trails, state parks, and other hiking experiences. This understanding instantly gives great visceral feeling to his art.


When you look at one of Matt's pieces you can actually feel not just the environment he was in, but the scent and sound of the forest itself.



Much of Matt Macaluso's work starts as a rubbing created while he is on the hike itself; which makes each piece incredibly unique. This rubbings are then “destroyed” into a new “gatherings of ideas and thoughts.”


Art by Matt Macaluso on sale at Green Side Up Gallery Boston

Where does all this intrigue come from? Matt studied formally at the Burren School of Art in Ireland, and at Boston's own Northeastern University. You can find his art on Tumblr, Instagram, and in Green Side Up Gallery Boston.

Written by Matt GSU — November 25, 2013