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Shaman Head Glass Pipe by Bishop Randall

Bishop Randall is known for his unique style of glassblowing which features soft stone and earthen colors, human faces and figures, and intricate carved-in designs. Each pipe Bishop creates tells a story connecting the past present and future. He draws from archetypal mythology and spirituality to make his pipes much more than a simple piece of art or tool for smoking, but actual connections to our history and deeper existence.


For the past twelve years Bishop has been blowing glass in California and currently resides in Grass Valley, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. He was always very interested in glass, and first got introduced to glassblowing when he met Marcel Braun in LA. Bishop then traveled to Washington state for an intensive course where Marcel and Scott Deppe were blowing glass. From there he quickly realized that he could actually blow glass for work, and has been developing his craft ever since.



Bishop often signs his pieces through a process called sandcarving. This allows for very precise yet organic looking reliefs to be etched into the glass. He also uses this process to set designs such as a sacred geometry flower of life into his glass pipes. These create a fantastic artistic representation showing our current state of duality.


Sherlock Glass Pipe with Flower of Life Sacred Geometry by Bishop Randall


When you look at Bishop's pieces you will understand how he sees art as a tool of expression itself. Spirituality, mythology, and even his pallet play into the glass. Bishop has a great love of simple Japanese cuisine, and you can see the depth of miso's taste in his figures, and the color patterns of a sea urchin's shell in his pipes. We have a great deal of Bishop's work here; take time with each pipe and appreciate the deeper undertones and connections through Bishop's expression




Written by Matt GSU — October 28, 2013