GreenSideUpGallery.Com - Buy Glass Pipes Art and Jewelry specializes in the sale of top quality USA made glass art. We source from small glass blowing studios and independent glass blowers from all over the USA including Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Minnesota. You can buy glass art directly off the site HERE, and we also provide wholesale glass to other art galleries.

Electroform Glass Pipe Art

In the last few decades borosilicate glass blowing and art has become extremely popular in the US and around the world. “Boro” glass is extremely resistant to heat, a property that makes it both desirable and difficult to blow and manipulate using traditional glass blowing techniques. Much of this has been driven by the tobacco smoking pipe industry where the heat-tolerance of borosilicate glass is a necessity. Many of the display pieces we sell are inspired by the extra challenge involved in blowing glass that can handle the heat of a lighter or torch and has a specific air-flow pattern through it, as with a tobacco water pipe. And while none of our pipes are for smoking, it is the desire to create something out of boro glass that is both “functional” and beautiful that drives many of our artists’ designs.

American Made Glass Blown in the USA

Every single piece for sale on our website has been hand-crafted for display in your home, business, or even hanging around your neck. Within our online glass gallery you can find examples of the newest and most modern advancements in glass blowing and art techniques like fuming and electroform, as well as amazing artistic takes the way air can flow through glass and water.