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2nd Annual 7/10 Sale at GSU Allston & Providence!

Join us Thursday July 10th for our 2nd annual 7/10 Sale! 20% off all glass all day at our Allston and Providence Locations. Live Musid! Live Art! Raffles! Give Aways!
After Part at The Spot UndeGround in Providence featuring The Green Side Up Allstars & Viva La Hop! 15 dollars at the door or $10 if you dress in your best 70's Funk attire!

420! BOSTON Customer Appreciation Day 2014


BOSTON! are you ready for 420?! We are, so here's how it's going down. Sunday April 20th starting at High Noon at Great Scott in Allston we will be hosting our Annual Customer Appreciation Day. ALSO! Come hang out down stairs and get 25% OFF ALL GLASS in our shop. 

Stage giveaways throughout the day starting at HIGH NOON - 420 RAFFLE - PRIZES



**set times to be announced soon**

This is an 18+ event and we are also going to be collecting a $10 suggested donation at the door for The King of Pot Tribute Bench Fund. Paid entry will automatically enter you into one of our raffles. Either way this is a FREE SHOW some come show your support!!

Live stream from GrassRoot
Local artist and vendors from around New England will be on site and are welcome.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Interview with Glassblower Karl Termini of Termini Tubes

Karl Termini of Termini Tubes - Interviewed Here by Matt LaxKarl Termini of Termini Tubes (pronounced like “Germany” but with a 'T') is an internationally known glassblower who currently works out of Ithaca NY. Karl's story is particularly interesting because he has truly come up on his own curiosity, experimentation, ingenuity, and drive for success. Not only does he make stunning glass art that is prized for is craftsmanship and functionality, but he is a major part of nurturing the borosilicate glassblowing movement.

Unlike most pipe artists Karl did not learn to blow glass under a specific mentor or within a coterie glassblowers. Karl started experimenting with glass on his own at home in New Jersey around 1998. Originally he was simply looking to explore and understand how a substance like borosilicate glass could be fashioned into beautiful pieces of functional art. His interests led Karl to living in the Netherlands in 2004, and is was there that he found himself quite alone in this developing field. However, for Karl this really helped shape his direction as a leader in both the artistic and business sides of pipe making.

Termini Tubes Waterpipe by Karl TerminiTermini Tubes is renowned for their pipes that are complex in function, while also being very clean and scientific looking. Each piece is handmade by Karl himself, who takes exquisite pride in the consistency of his work. But it is not just the work himself that Karl concerns himself with. Much of Karl's success, and what he is so well know for alongside the glass itself, is his dedication to his customers and the boro glass community. He has spent his entire career sharing experience and exploring ideas with other glassblowers and anyone interested in the industry and craft, and it certainly has not failed him yet. As his own studio in Holland developed and progressed it was Karl's willingness to teach people from all around the globe how to work with borosilicate glass has played a big role in catalyzing him and his art to being known worldwide.

Karl continues to encourages anyone interested to reach out and connect with him. Beyond just a deep commitment to always being there for his customers, Karl is committed to supporting the pipe-making community itself. You can find his work and ways to connect with him right at You can also now check out pipes by Karl Termini right in our Boston and Rhode Island galleries. And for some real insight into Karl's journey through glassblowing listen to the podcast interview right here.

Shop glass by Karl Termini

Featured Wall-Art by Matt Macaluso


Art by Matt MacalusoMatt Macaluso is a mix-media artists working out of Brockton, MA. His art can be intriguing and trippy yet at the same time mathematical. Furthermore, in the perfect twist of things, Matt got his start in graphic art as a musician. It was in high-school when Matt started designing t-shrits and album art for the band he was in, and realized that he had a genuine interest in art itself.


“My favorite cartoon is south park. My favorite place in the entire world is Russell Pond, NH. I enjoy a fresh/strong/good margarita and I have never seen clear blue warm ocean water.”


Art by Matt Macaluso - Featured Artist at Green Side Up Gallery Boston

At first glance Matt's work is an intense collage of colors and line-art. But as he explains, most of Matt's current pieces are mapping exercises of trails, state parks, and other hiking experiences. This understanding instantly gives great visceral feeling to his art.


When you look at one of Matt's pieces you can actually feel not just the environment he was in, but the scent and sound of the forest itself.



Much of Matt Macaluso's work starts as a rubbing created while he is on the hike itself; which makes each piece incredibly unique. This rubbings are then “destroyed” into a new “gatherings of ideas and thoughts.”


Art by Matt Macaluso on sale at Green Side Up Gallery Boston

Where does all this intrigue come from? Matt studied formally at the Burren School of Art in Ireland, and at Boston's own Northeastern University. You can find his art on Tumblr, Instagram, and in Green Side Up Gallery Boston.

Interview with Glassblower Bishop Randall

Shaman Head Glass Pipe by Bishop Randall

Bishop Randall is known for his unique style of glassblowing which features soft stone and earthen colors, human faces and figures, and intricate carved-in designs. Each pipe Bishop creates tells a story connecting the past present and future. He draws from archetypal mythology and spirituality to make his pipes much more than a simple piece of art or tool for smoking, but actual connections to our history and deeper existence.


For the past twelve years Bishop has been blowing glass in California and currently resides in Grass Valley, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. He was always very interested in glass, and first got introduced to glassblowing when he met Marcel Braun in LA. Bishop then traveled to Washington state for an intensive course where Marcel and Scott Deppe were blowing glass. From there he quickly realized that he could actually blow glass for work, and has been developing his craft ever since.



Bishop often signs his pieces through a process called sandcarving. This allows for very precise yet organic looking reliefs to be etched into the glass. He also uses this process to set designs such as a sacred geometry flower of life into his glass pipes. These create a fantastic artistic representation showing our current state of duality.


Sherlock Glass Pipe with Flower of Life Sacred Geometry by Bishop Randall


When you look at Bishop's pieces you will understand how he sees art as a tool of expression itself. Spirituality, mythology, and even his pallet play into the glass. Bishop has a great love of simple Japanese cuisine, and you can see the depth of miso's taste in his figures, and the color patterns of a sea urchin's shell in his pipes. We have a great deal of Bishop's work here; take time with each pipe and appreciate the deeper undertones and connections through Bishop's expression




Hemp and Satin are SEXY! - GSU Grassroots Hats

Finally you can show your love of glass and GSU right on top of your dome!

For The Love of Glass - Green Side Up Gallery Grassroots California Hat

Green Side Up Gallery Grassroots California Hat Designed by ULTIMATE

Green Side Up Gallery - Grassroots California Fitted HatGreen Side Up Gallery has teamed up with Grassroots California to make some of the illest headwear since the vikings. Featuring mind-blowing art by ULTIMATE (the genius Tim Moores), this head-candy is like no other!
Green Side Up Gallery Grassroots California Hat Designed by ULTIMATE

The hats are a hard hemp exterior to make them both durable and true to the game. Then you get shiny colorful satin lining the inside with pipes and even dead Waldo!

Drawings by ULTIMATE with Pipe Designs by Pipeatier Dina K Eric Ross Jesse JamesFor The Love of Glass Green Side Up Gallery Grassroots California Hat Designed by ULTIMATE

We’ve got these one-of-a-kind dome trophies in our Boston, MA and Providence, RI stores, as well as right here on our site. Grab yourself one to support GSU, ULTIMATE, and your BRAIN!