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Fish Bowl Glass • Bubbler

Bubblers like the one this piece of art is modeled after are a class of tobacco smoking pipe all to themselves. They represent the smallest of the water filtered smoking pipes also known as water pipes. They key feature of actual tobacco smoking bubbler pipes is that the smoke flows from the bowl like indent down a glass stem and through water contained within the pipe before being inhaled through the mouth piece.


This particular piece of glass art was designed in the manner of a bubbler water pipe and is not a smoking pipe. does not sell devices for smoking and none of our bubbler sculptures are sold for smoking. This piece of art in a bubbler form resembles that of a tobacco smoking pipe and it showcases the immense skill of the glass blower; it is for display purposes only and may not be purchased if you intend to smoke out of it.


9 Inches tall. Borosillicate glass.

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